We, the members of the Veterans Party of America, do solemnly swear, or affirm, that we will uphold the Constitution of the United States. We affirm that all people are created equal and are endowed with certain inalienable rights. These rights are guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States of America.

Article I:  Name:

The Party shall be named the “Veterans Party of America” and hereafter may be referred to as “The Party” and/or “VPA”

Article II: Purpose:

We agree with the Founders’ belief that government’s sole purpose is to protect individual liberty and maintain a free, prosperous and orderly society. We absolutely oppose the centralization of all power in the Executive branch; we also oppose a Judiciary that makes rulings which creates or modifies Congressional law instead of simply ruling on such law(s) that the Legislative branch has made. These are usurpations of the power of the House of Representatives and the Senate. All elected officials are expected to uphold their Oath of Office, so as not to allow such usurpations.

We affirm that where governments exist, they must not violate the inalienable rights of any individual. The Constitution of The United States is the law of the land. As such, there shall not be a requirement for any individual to hold a Veteran status, or hold any affiliation with the military or any installations to be a member of the Veterans Party of America, in order to hold office, or candidacy.

Article III: Definitions:

Section III.01: “Registered Veterans Party Voter” is:

  • Any voter registered as a Veterans Party voter under the respective State and County Election Codes.

  • In states that have yet to recognize The Party, any “Decline to State” or “No Party Preference” (or other designation under the respective State and County Election Codes) registered voter that has expressed the desire to register VPA once allowed.

Section III.02: “Party Member” is any dues paid member. For just the first year (2014) of The Party’s national existence, there will not be a requirement to pay dues in order to become a Party Member.

Section III.03: Parliamentary Procedures shall be governed by the By Laws.

Section III.04: Dues, when levied, shall be uniform. The amounts and collection times shall be set forth in The Party By Laws.

Article IV: Certification:

As an officer, or member, of the Veterans Party of America, I hereby certify from my actions of either accepting nomination to office, or becoming a member of The Party, or both that: “I affirm that all people are created equal and are endowed with certain inalienable rights. These rights are guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States of America. I hereby swear or affirm that I will uphold the Constitution of the United States.”

Article V: Organization of the Veterans Party of America:

Section V.01: The Executive Committee consists of the VPA National Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and eight Members At Large. All members of the Executive Committee shall be elected to their position by the VPA Central Committee. All members of the Executive Committee are required to be a Registered Veterans’ Party Of America Voter and a Party Member in good standing. Executive Committee members may also hold State Party posts, however no Treasurer will hold a like position in the National, State, or County parties.

National Chair: Serves as Chief Executive Officer of The Party. Presides over meetings and governs the parliamentary procedures. Shall appoint new officers or alternates, or Judicial Committee members if vacancies occur. Such appointments shall be to complete the term of office vacated. Elected on Even number years during the Annual Convention.

National Vice Chair: Stands in for National Chair in the absence of the incumbent. Coordinates calendar of events for the Executive Committee to further The Party. Responsible for nomination of an Executive Director, if the position becomes a necessity for the functioning of The Party by vote of the Executive Committee. Elected on Odd number years during the Annual Convention.

Treasurer: Records with a full accounting of the finances of The Party, prepares Profit, Loss, and Balance Sheets to be presented quarterly to the Executive Committee and the annually to the Central Committee with a full accounting for adoption by the respective committee. Determines and submits an annual budget based on expected expenditures and predicted revenues. Files and is accountable for the filings to the Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Elections Commission in the required times set by the respective agencies. Elected on Even number years during the Annual Convention.

Secretary: Custodian of records and Party Historian. Records minutes of all meetings, interacts with the Federal Elections Commission for timely filings of required notices and records. Schedules all Executive and Central Committee meetings and the agendas. Elected on Odd number years during the Annual Convention.

Members At Large: Each Member At Large will represent a territorial region as defined below. The Senior Member At Large will serve as the Chief of Staff for the State Chairs to continue the requirements for State Party Recognition. One Member At Large will be appointed to handle audits of the National and State Party finances. Members At Large shall be elected annually, during the Annual Convention.

North-East Member At Large shall represent:


New Hampshire



Rhode Island


New York

Mid-Atlantic Member At Large shall represent:



District of Columbia

West Virginia



New Jersey

South-East Member At Large shall represent:


Puerto Rico

U.S. Virgin Islands




South Carolina

Southern Member At Large shall Represent:

North Carolina







Mid-West Member At Large shall represent:








Northern States Member At Large shall represent:





North Dakota

South Dakota


North-West Member At Large shall represent:








South-West Member At Large shall represent:


American Samoa


Northern Mariana Islands



New Mexico

Section V.02: The Central Committee consists of the Executive Committee and a delegate for each state. Each State Chair will serve as the delegate for the first convention, or another appointed Party Leader for the state in the event the State Chair holds an Executive Committee post or is unable to attend.

In the event an Executive Committee member is also a State Chair, and another delegate is not available, the delegate will only have one vote. Central Committee duties include voting on Party Bylaw changes, amendments to the Party Constitution, Platform changes, and the endorsement of Presidential candidates.

Section V.03: All elections of party officials shall be conducted by paper ballot or other electronic means. Voting shall commence on the first day of the Annual convention and be certified before the start of the last day of said convention.

Section V.04: Any member of the Executive or Central Committee may challenge preliminary election results prior to certification by bringing a motion to the floor of the convention. Said challenge shall not be valid unless there is an issue of legality or procedure in the prior vote and there is a second to the motion.

A 2/3 majority vote shall be required to nullify election results and prompt a re-vote of the entire election, a simple majority shall be all that is require for a single election result nullification and the re-vote. In any such case only one re-vote shall be allowed.

Section V.05: During the Central Committee vote, only State Delegates will vote, or the region’s Member At Large will present the proxy vote previously submitted. No members of the Executive Committee will vote, unless in the capacity of a state delegate. The National Chair will vote in the event of a tie.

Article VI: Employees of the Veterans Party of America:

Section VI.01: Executive Director:

In the event the Executive Committee determines the necessity exists for a full time posting for the day to day functioning and activities of managing The Party, the Vice Chair will nominate a qualified candidate for a vote by the Executive Committee.  The Executive Director will not have a vote in the Executive Committee or Central Committee. The Executive Director will not hold an elected seat at any level of The Party. The Executive Director shall execute the duties appointed by the Executive Committee and will ensure the continuity of The Party. The salary, unless amended by the Central Committee, shall not exceed the national median income, or 10 percent of the annual donations received, whichever is lowest.

Section VI.02: Administrative Assistants:

In the event the Executive Committee determines the necessity for Administrative Assistants, the Executive Committee will vote on resumes submitted to select the best qualified candidate. Any Administrative Assistants will not hold an elected position with The Party, at any level. Salary shall be determined by qualifications and labor laws. At no time will an Administrative Assistant be hired if the salary will exceed 10 percent of the annual donations received. If salary will exceed the donations, the Central Committee can approve the distribution for salaries before an offer of employment can be made.

Section VI.03: Contracted Employment:

At times, it shall be necessary to contract professionals in various fields, such as but not limited to accountants and attorneys. The Executive Committee can approve the expenses of the Contracted Employees by vote.

The below signed officers of the Veterans Party Of America Central Committee, On September 4th, 2014, Hereby Adopt the Constitution of the Veterans Party Of America:

Veterans Party Of America Constitution

Mark Wilder
National Chair

George Westrup
National Vice Chair

David Isakson
National Treasurer

John Chase Pearson
National Party Secretary

Scott Bapst
North East Member At Large

John D. Stroud
Mid-Atlantic Member At Large

Keith Conrade
Southern Member At Large

John H. Dennis III
South East Member At Large

Anthony Kirk
Northern Member At Large
Aaron Merreighn
Mid-West Member At Large

Lea Cannon
North West Member At Large

Michael Ryan
South West Member At Large

Victoria Pearson

Steve Harrison

Tanya Cummings Boozer

Paul Riley

Clinton Pando

Jacob Fields

Corbin Doades

Casey Schotter

Ira Ashburn

James Warnock

George Hart

Michael Steinaway

Michael Bischoff

Scott Marbut

Dawn Hall

Joseph G. Ricchuiti
New Jersey

Jay B. McKinney

Guillermo Defranc

Jeremy Lakes

Aaron Cahill

Gavin Fulton

Jack Cannon

Robert Lund

Keith Scott Johnson