Article 1:  All elected officers of any position in the Veterans Party of America, candidates, and elected public officials representing the Veterans Party of America, shall maintain that the Constitution of the United States is the law of the United States and must be upheld.  Further, all votes will be cast to uphold the Constitution and in the best interest of the constituents of the region representing. The Party has the right to revoke endorsement of any candidate or elected official violating this statute of the By Laws of the Veterans Party of America.

Article 2: The Executive Committee Powers:

Section 2.01: Shall develop an operational budget and maintain a calendar of events.

Section 2.02: Shall have the power to raise funds and spend money for the purpose of furthering The Party. The main functions of The Party are to Register Voters and vet candidates for office to ensure the continuity of The Party.

Section 2.03: Shall have the power to form committees, and appoint a chair to the committees, to further develop The Party Platform, or conduct research for the necessity of The Party. Each committee shall elect a chair and secretary at their first meeting. The committee’s chair will need to work closely with a representative of the Executive or Central Committee that will be appointed to help coordinate and assist the committee in carrying out their assignment. A Platform Committee member will be appointed by each Member At Large to review any changes to the Platform prior to the Annual Central Committee meeting.

Article 3:  The Central Committee Powers:

Section 3.01: Shall have the power to suspend a Party Members membership for failure to maintain all the qualifications of membership.

  1. Notification of the suspension is subject to written appeal within forty-five days.

  1. A written appeal will trigger a Judicial Committee review.

Failure to appeal suspension within 45 days shall result in termination of membership.

Section 3.02: May reinstate memberships terminated under this section. The term “cause” as used in this section shall include but not be limited to the following:

Having unpaid debts over ninety days old outstanding to The Party.

Section 3.03: Shall have the primary duty of:

  1. Developing, funding, and implementing, either directly or through such committees as it shall appoint;

  1. Developing a political strategy to elect Veterans Party of America candidates pledged to the Party Platform; and

  1. To proclaim and implement those principles into party policy.

Section 3.04: Shall meet at such time and place as may be determined by actions of the Committee, by a call of the Chair, or by written request of one-third or more of the members of the Committee. The Secretary shall notify and receive confirmation from each member of the Committee, a notice of the time and place of each meeting, not less than thirty days prior to such meeting.

Section 3.05: May, without meeting together, transact business via mail or electronic means by voting on questions submitted by the Secretary at the request of at least half of the Committee members.

Section 3.06: May hold closed door/private sessions when appropriate or required by law. Required of any Party business that is personal in nature to an individual and an open meeting would compromise an individual’s right to privacy and protection of personal information.

Section 3.07: A majority of eligible Central Committee members shall constitute a quorum.

Section 3.08: A two-thirds majority shall be required to pass the following:

  1. Removal from office, censure, or suspension of a Party officer, Executive Committee Member, or

  1. Central Committee member, or the reinstatement of a Party officer, Executive Committee Member, Central Committee member, or

  1. Amending Party By Laws, or Rescinding the endorsement of a candidate for Presidency.

Section 3.09: A three-fourths majority will be required to:

  1. Dissolve The Party, or

  1. Amend the Constitution of the Veterans Party of America.

Section 3.10: On all other matters, main motions shall require a simple majority of the eligible positions on the Central Committee to pass.

Article 4: Leadership Standards:

Section 4.01: Notwithstanding any other provisions of these By Laws, no member who has been convicted of a felony against another person or property shall hold office of, or accept nomination (or endorsement) for, the Executive Committee, Central Committee, State, or County elected or appointed positions of leadership; candidacy for office; or elected or appointed public official. Should such A conviction occur while in office, or withholding the information to constitute fraudulent intent, shall result in immediate termination of party position, or party endorsement, by the Chair of the Veterans’ Party Of America, or Vice Chair in the event the Chair falls under the provisions of this article, upon approval of three-fourths of the Executive Committee.

Section 4.02: Any candidate for an elected or appointed office within the Veterans’ Party Of America, or seeking to endorse candidacy, claiming Veteran status, must provide a DD 214 Long Form, or NGB 22, showing an Honorable Discharge, in addition with verification of the SPN/SPD Code for Honorable Conditions and subsequent form (i.e. retired military ID card or National Records Check) to validate there are no subsequent periods of service. These documents will be on file with The Party Secretary and confirmation of validity by The Party Chair, Vice Chair, or Executive Director. These will not be public records. Any requests to examine them, which are approved by the Executive Committee, will have Personal Identifying Information removed. This includes, but is not limited to the Social Security Number and Date of Birth.

Article 5: Financing and Accounting:

Section 5.01: The fiscal term of The Party shall begin on January 1st and end December 31st of each year. Upon adoption of the annual budget, a copy shall be provided by the Treasurer, to each Executive Committee member, within 30 days of the close of the 4th Quarter.

  1. The Treasurer shall, in consultation with any standing committees and the Executive Committee, compose a budget prior to the Executive Committee’s business meeting in the Third Quarter.

  1. The Executive Committee will then refine and finalize the budget proposal for approval at business meeting in the Fourth Quarter.

Section 5.02: The Treasurer may authorize expenditures for any item incorporated into the proposed budget until The Party has ratified the budget for the current year.

Section 5.03: The Executive Committee shall not:

  1. Enter into any unbudgeted contract lasting more than three months.

  1. Incur any expense in a non-budgeted category unless approved by the majority of the Executive Committee.

  1. Incur any expense in a budgeted category greater than the amount budgeted by more than 10% of the operating budget without a two-thirds vote of the Executive Committee.

  1. Make any cash disbursements exceeding $100.

  1. Make any disbursements without supporting documentation.

  1. Spend funds in violations of the Federal Elections Commission

Section 5.04: The Executive Committee, or any Veterans Party of America organization, when receiving contributions that do not have a designated purpose, shall decide how contributions shall be used. Designated contributions shall be used by the Executive Committee or The Party for only that purpose.

Section 5.05: Neither the Executive Committee, nor any other Veterans Party of America organization, shall use dues to finance individual campaigns.

Section 5.06: All disbursements must be approved by the Treasurer, or designee, in accordance with the Budget, or a vote having been made by the Executive Committee.

Section 5.07: Dues:

  1. Shall be levied per annum, in the amount of $25, or any other amount as the Executive Committee shall determine by amendment to The Party By Laws.

  1. Dues shall expire on January 15th of each year. Any member may pay dues in advance, the number of years as he or she so chooses.

  1. Dues will be prorated for the remaining calendar portion of the first year.

  1. Lifetime Membership can be purchased at $400, at the conclusion of the first full year of membership. Lifetime Membership must be paid in full at the conclusion of the year in which the application has been submitted.

SECTION 5.08: Any Executive Committee member who incurs a financial liability without Executive Committee approval shall be held personally liable.

Article 6:  Parliamentary Procedures:

Section 6.01: Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised (Current Edition), shall be the parliamentary authority for all matters of procedure not specifically covered by these By Laws.

Section 6.02: Meetings will be announced at least 2 weeks prior to the meeting via two of the following methods: mail, email or website notification.

  1. Said notification will also include the place and time as well any critical issues requiring the attention of The Party.

  1. Meetings may be held virtually via electronic mediums, including, but not limited to Google Hangout or conference calls.

  1. Receipt of all notifications must be acknowledged by every Executive Committee member.

Section 6.03: Typical Executive Committee Meeting Protocol:

1. Party business meetings shall be called at least once a quarter. Additional meetings and gatherings are encouraged as needed by the Executive Committee.

2. Party business meetings will be called to order by the Executive Committee Chair. In the absence of the Chair, the Vice-Chair, or designee shall fill this role.

3. The Secretary of the Executive Committee will read the minutes from the last business meeting. All members of The Party present shall ratify those minutes into record with a majority vote.

4. The Treasurer of the Executive Committee will give a financial report. All present shall ratify any financial reports into record with a majority vote.

5. The Chair will proceed with any remaining old business before entertaining new business. Motions and votes shall occur as needed.

6. Votes shall be conducted by voice, show of hands, or signal votes unless otherwise requested by any member. Voting shall then be conducted by secret ballot.

Section 6.04: Central Committee Meetings:

1. Central Committee meetings shall be called at least annually, preference is during the Annual Convention. Additional meetings and gatherings are encouraged as needed by the Central Committee.

2. Central Committee meetings will be called to order by the Executive Committee Chair. In the absence of the Chair, the Vice-Chair, or designee shall fill this role.

3. The Secretary of the Executive Committee will read the minutes from the last business meeting. All members of The Party present shall ratify those minutes into record with a majority vote.

4. The Treasurer of the Executive Committee will give an annual financial report. All present shall ratify any financial reports into record with a majority vote.

5. The agenda provided shall be followed. Platform changes may be voted on if provided by the Platform Committee.

Article 7: Conflict With Election Laws:

These By Laws shall govern The Party. Should any part of these By Laws come in conflict with any federal, state or other laws, and be rendered invalid for that jurisdiction, the remainder of these By Laws shall remain in full force and effect.

The below signed members of the Veterans Party of America Central Committee, On September 4th, 2014, Hereby Adopt the Bylaws of the Veterans Party of America:

Mark Wilder

National Chair

George Westrup

National Vice Chair

David Isakson

National Treasurer

John Chase Pearson

National Party Secretary

Scott Bapst

North East Member At Large

John D. Stroud

Mid-Atlantic Member At Large

Keith Conrade

Southern Member At Large

John H. Dennis III

South East Member At Large

Anthony Kirk

Northern Member At Large

Aaron Merreighn

Mid-West Member At Large

Lea Cannon

North West Member At Large

Michael Ryan

South West Member At Large

Victoria Pearson


Steve Harrison


Tanya Cummings Boozer


Paul Riley


Clinton Pando


Jacob Fields


Corbin Doades


Casey Schotter


Ira Ashburn


James Warnock


George Hart


Michael Steinaway


Michael Bischoff


Scott Marbut


Dawn Hall


Joseph G. Ricchuiti

New Jersey

Jay B. McKinney


Guillermo Defranc


Jeremy Lakes


Aaron Cahill


Gavin Fulton


Jack Cannon


Robert Lund


Keith Scott Johnson