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We take a break for a bit from politics to bring you a moment of history. On this day in 1812, the American frigate USS Constitution earned her name "Old Ironsides" when she defeated the British ... See more

3 hours ago

Do you think elected officials should get to pick their constituents?
#Constituents #Gerrymander #VPA

8 hours ago

Sometimes it seems that people who still support our Constitution are in the minority today, and that does make us irate. Fortunately, our conviction to restore the Constitution to its rightful place ... See more

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Big government does nothing but get in the way of, well, pretty much everything.

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1 day ago

Ninety-seven years ago today, the 19th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified. The amendment states that the right of citizens to vote “shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or ... See more

1 day ago

A Message from the Chairman:

Evil can be confronted, but never eradicated.
Murder can be punished, but never prevented.
Hatred can be exposed, but never eliminated.
Racism can be combatted, but ... See more

1 day ago

There are many people today who do not love America. They make their disdain for the country they live in very evident. We've noticed that some of those types never refer to America as "their ... See more

1 day ago

What is your stance on the removal of Confederate Veteran statues?
Both President Lincoln and Johnson granted amnesty for all Confederate Soldiers.
Then there are two laws that passed that without ... See more

1 day ago

We are not a veteran activist group.
We are not a veteran association.
We are not a veterans' club.
We are a political party.
We are an all volunteer party here to do everything within our power ... See more

2 days ago

Yes, we were started by veterans, and yes, many of our state leaders are veterans as well. But we do not care if you are veteran or not. Help us get the word out to everyone that we are working hard ... See more

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