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Even though our name is the Veterans Party of America, as with any other legitimate political party in the United States, there is no requirement for any member of this party to have served in the military or currently be serving on active duty, nor is there any requirement for members of this party to be associated with any military organization or facility.

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Our Candidates

The VPA has Candidates running for offices across the nation. They are working hard to bring the government back to the people and running for everything from local offices to President of the United States.

Each of our candidates must agree to the Veterans Party of America’s demand to be held accountable while in office. Candidates must file for candidacy according to their respective state laws.

We proudly present our candidates.

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Our Leadership

The VPA Leadership is made up of a cross section of every day people from across America. Our leaders have all stepped up as unpaid volunteers which no other party does.

Our leaders are all working toward the same goal and working hard to get there. While some are military veterans it is not required to be one. Matter of fact some of our best have never served. Men and women both of all ages. If you want to step up and help us visit our volunteer page to submit your info.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to place solution oriented leaders, that will not forget their oath to the Constitution, into political office so America can once again be the nation it has always been-Strong, Fair, Just. We believe in Liberty, Justice and Freedom.

Our Qualities

Solution Driven Results oriented performance powered by the people.
All volunteer No one in the party draws a salary.
Constitution based We support the highest law of the land, the Constitution Of America.
For ALL Americans You do not have to be a veteran to join us.
Devotion to Duty We took an oath with a duty to defend the Constitution.
Accountable and Trust Worthy You can depend of us to be accountable and trusted.

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